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Compare eBay Fees in Dollar Area

Compare eBay fees in Dollars - we make it easy to determine the best dollar-denominated eBay market for your eBay auction and stores listings; USA, Canada, or Australia. Tell your friends so they too can compare eBay listing fees, compare eBay reserve fees, compare eBay final value fees, compare eBay store fees, and compare eBay monthly fees in dollar-based eBay markets. All eBay and PayPal fees current as of November 2010. Euro currency eBay fees and worldwide PayPal fees comparisons are also available. Comparison of eBay fees in dollar-based economies worldwide.

Discover the secrets eBay doesn’t want you to know and save more on your eBay fees. Make an informed decision on your eBay pricing. Check our worldwide comparison of eBay fees and commissions (in the helpful charts below) then use our various eBay fee calculators to determine your actual eBay expenses.

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eBay Auction Listing Fees Comparison Dollars

United States of America
Starting Price, Opening Value or Reserve Price US$Insertion Fee US$
0.01 - 0.990.20
1.00 - 9.990.40
10.00 - 24.990.60
25.00 - 49.991.20
50.00 - 199.992.40
200.00 - 499.993.60
500.00 +4.80
Starting Price, Opening Value or Reserve Price C$Insertion Fee C$
0.01 - 0.990.23
1.00 - 11.990.47
12.00 - 29.990.71
30.00 - 59.991.40
60.00 - 239.992.80
240.00 - 599.994.20
600.00 +5.60
Starting Price, or Opening Value AU$Insertion Fee AU$
0.01 - 0.990.30
1.00 - 19.990.50
20.00 - 49.990.75
50.00 - 99.991.50
100.00 - 399.992.50
400.00 +3.50

Comments: United States of America and Canada share identical eBay listing fees, and Canadian sellers can also list on eBay Canada in US dollars at same rates as on eBay USA. Australian eBay fees are almost the same as North American, but listing fees are capped at a lower maximum on higher-priced items.

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Compare eBay Reserve Fees in Dollars

United States of America
Reserve Price US$Reserve Fee
0.01 - 49.991.00
50.00 - 199.992.00
200.00 - 5,0001%
5,000.01 +50.00§
Reserve Price C$Reserve Fee
0.01 - 59.991.20
60.00 - 239.992.40
240.00 - 7,0001%
7,000.01 +70.00§
Reserve Price AU$Reserve Fee
0.01 - 24.990.75
25.00 to 6665.993%
6666.00 +200.00§

Comments: Reserve fees are refunded on a successful sale. Reserve auctions are no longer available on except for Autos. § maximum reserve fee capped at this amount.

eBay Final Value Fees in Dollars Compared

United States of America
Final Price US$Final Value Fee
0.01 - 25.005.25%
25.01 - 1,0003.25%
1,000.01 +1.50%
Final Price C$Final Value Fee
0.01 - 30.005.25%
30.01 - 1,2003.25%
1200.01 +1.50%
Final Price AU$Final Value Fee
0.01 - 75.005.25%
75.01 - 1,0002.75%
1,000.01 +1.50%

Comments: eBay final value fees or eBay success fees are almost identical on the USA, Canadian and Australian eBays. Australia is marginally cheaper, but there is no clear winner. Australian eBay sellers can accept domestic and international credit card payments via PayMate which offers better seller protection than PayPal. Canadian eBay sellers also have the option of CertaPay for free or low-cost domestic bank transfers.

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eBay Monthly Store Fees Dollar Comparison

United States of America
Store FormatMonthly Fee US$
Store FormatMonthly Fee C$
Store FormatMonthly Fee AU$

Comments: There is little difference between USA, Canadian and Australian monthly store fees.

eBay Store Insertion Fees in Dollars Compared

United States of America
Sale Price US$Insertion Fee US$
0.01 - 24.990.05
25.00 +0.10
Sale Price C$Insertion Fee C$
0.01 - 29.990.06
30.00 +0.12
Sale Price AU$Insertion Fee AU$
0.01 - 19.990.10
20.00 - 49.990.20
50.00 +0.50

Comments: Store owners pay a monthly subscription fee in addition to listing fees, and sales commission. Insertion fee covers any number of items so is best suited for items available in quantity. Both 30 day and Good 'Til Cancelled listings will be charged the above fees every 30 days.

Compare eBay Store Sales Fees in Dollars

United States of America
Sale Price US$Final Value Fee
0.01 - 25.0010%
25.01 - 100.007%
100.01 - 1,0005%
1,000.01 +3%
Sale Price C$Final Value Fee
0.01 - 30.0010%
30.01 - 120.007%
120.01 - 1,2005%
1,200.01 +3%
Sale Price AU$Final Value Fee
0.01 - 75.0010%
75.01 - 1,0005%
1,000.01 +2.5%

Comments: Stores fees are significantly higher on eBay United States and eBay Canada compared to eBay Australia. eBay fees will be lower on higher-priced items listed on eBay Australia, but are available for purchase by international bidders. Australian Store fees are still pegged to regular auction listing, but can be expected to rise.

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