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Worldwide PayPal Fees Comparison

Fees are for domestic PayPal transfers and are current as of Feb 2011. Merchant rates available to “qualified applicants”. Additional charges* apply for international transactions and currency conversion. PayPal contact phone numbers are listed at bottom of this page; also see PayPal problems for fixes and solutions.

Worldwide comparison chart of PayPal seller fees and commissions - use our various eBay fee calculators to determine actual fees. Tell your friends so they too have access to our free auction seller tools. Compare Euro area and Dollar area eBay fees charts to find the most economical countries for worldwide and regional eBay auction and stores listings. Several international eBay sites still offer free domestic listings plus no final value fees: Malaysia, Singapore, Poland, Sweden, India and others. PayPal Gebühren für Österreich und Deutschland.

* add 1% to all rates for international transactions, plus 2.5% for any currency conversion e.g. USD to GBP, EUR to USD, JPY to CAD, etc. Currency codes: USD = United States Dollar, CAD = Canadian Dollar, EUR = European Union Euro, GBP = Great Britain Pound, JPY = Japanese Yen, AUD = Australian Dollar, NZD = New Zealand Dollar, CHF = Swiss Franc.

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United States (USD)Standard RateMerchant Rate
Monthly Turnover$0.00 -
$3,000.01 -
$10,000.01 -
PayPal Fees2.9% + $0.302.5% + $0.302.2% + $0.301.9% + $0.30
Canada (CAD)Standard RateMerchant Rate
Monthly Turnover$0.01 -
$3,000.01 -
$12,000.01 -
PayPal Fees2.9% + $0.552.5% + $0.552.2% + $0.551.9% + $0.55
European Union (EUR)Standard RateMerchant Rate
Monthly Turnover€0,01 -
€2 500
€2 500,01 -
€10 000
€10 000,01 -
€50 000
€50 000,01 -
€100 000
€100 000,01+
PayPal Fees3,4% + €0,352,9% + €0,352,7% + €0,352,4% + €0,351,9% + €0,35
United Kingdom (GBP)Standard RateMerchant Rate
Monthly Turnover£0.01 -
£1,500.01 -
£6,000.01 -
£15,000.01 -
PayPal Fees3.4% + £0.202.9% + £0.202.4% + £0.201.9% + £0.201.4% + £0.20
Japan (JPY)Standard RateMerchant Rate
Monthly Turnover¥1 -
¥285,001 -
¥945,001 -
PayPal Fees3.6% + ¥403.4% + ¥403.2% + ¥402.9% + ¥40
Australia (AUD)Standard RateMerchant Rate
Monthly Turnover$0.01 -
$5,000.01 -
$15,000.01 -
PayPal Fees2.4% + $0.302.0% + $0.301.5% + $0.301.1% + $0.30
New Zealand (NZD)Standard RateMerchant Rate
Monthly Turnover$0.01 -
$5,000.01 -
$15,000.01 -
PayPal Fees3.4% + $0.452.9% + $0.452.7% + $0.452.4% + $0.45
Switzerland (CHF)Standard RateMerchant Rate
Monthly Turnover0,01 -
4.000,01 -
16.000,01 -
80.000,01 -
PayPal Fees3,4% + 0,552,9% + 0,552,7% + 0,552,4% + 0,551,9% + 0,55

Worldwide PayPal Phone Numbers

USA PayPal phone: 1-888-221-1161 or 1-888-204-4481; toll-free, 24-hour except public holidays
Canada PayPal phone: 1-866-392-9952; toll-free, 24-hour except public holidays
United Kingdom PayPal phone: 08707-307-191 or freephone 0800-358-7929; 09:00 - 18:00 (GMT/BST) Monday - Friday
Ireland PayPal phone: 1-890-943-220 (Daytime: €0.0492/min, Evening/weekend: €0.0126/min) or +353-1-436-9001; 06:00 - 22:00 (GMT) Monday - Friday, Sat 08:00 - 22:00, Sun 09:00 - 22:00 except public holidays
Australia PayPal phone: 1-800-073-263 or 02-8223-9500; 08:00 - 18:30 AEST Monday - Thursday, 08:00 - 16:00 Friday - Saturday
Germany PayPal phone: 0180 500 66 27 (€0,12/min); 8.30 - 19.00 Monday - Friday except public holidays
France PayPal phone: 0821 230 233 (€0,12/min) or +353 1 436 9005; 09:00 - 17:30 CET Monday - Friday
Netherlands PayPal phone: 00 353 1 436 9001; 08:00 - 16:30 GMT Monday - Friday
Austria PayPal phone: +49 180 500 66 27 (in den USA); 8.30 - 19.00 Montag - Freitag zur Verfügung

PayPal versus Merchant Accounts and Banks

PayPal compares well with most merchant accounts since there are no setup, monthly, or gateway fees. However, unlike with other merchant processors, PayPal is the merchant of record. PayPal seldom defend against or adequately dispute fraudulent chargebacks as it is not cost effective for PayPal to investigate them (so sellers often lose both the item and shipping fees), and PayPal themselves are fully protected against any loss by their lengthly, detailed TOS. PayPal payments may be reversed or clawed back for up to 18 months for a variety of reasons. PayPal will deny sellers and law enforcement investigators access to buyer’s details unless subpoenaed, and PayPal can arbitrarily deny account holders access to their funds without notice so keeping a low or zero balance is recommended. Since PayPal is neither regulated nor licensed as a bank, seller’s funds are always at risk. Treat PayPal payments with the same scrutiny and caution as personal checks, as until the money is safely in your bank account, it is still just a “promise” of payment; otherwise PayPal is relatively safe provided you follow all their transaction requirements necessary to qualify for PayPal’s SPP.

PayPal: fraud and loss prevention tactics

PayPal does not notify recipients of the funding source of payments: credit/debit card, bank account (except e-checks), or PayPal account balances. Since all payments received are now labelled Instant Payment it means recipients are no longer alerted to high-risk transactions: credit/debit card-funded - which sellers could previously decline. Contrast this with a merchant account, where the recipients has all the customer’s details and access to a wide range of fraud prevention tools. Ideally, PayPal would pass on credit scoring and fraud detection results to sellers so they could determine the transaction risk involved before accepting or rejecting a buyer’s payment; unfortunately they don’t.

As a buyer you should never pay with funds in your PayPal account. It’s the same as sending cash to someone you never met and provides no protection against fraud. Always withdraws any funds in your PayPal account to a bank account, otherwise your PayPal balance will be used to fund a purchase. Always use a credit card to fund your PayPal purchases as, even if your purchases is not covered by PayPal’s Buyer Protection Policy, you should still be 100% covered against loss by your credit card company. If PayPal fails to recover your funds in the event of fraud or non-delivery, then your credit card company will extricate your money from PayPal via a chargeback. Note that most chargebacks must usually be started within 60 days from the payment; the chargeback period varies depending on the credit/debit card issuer and consumer protection laws. Some locales and companies permit chargebacks for up to 18 months.

Reducing Your PayPal Fees

There are several ways to reduce PayPal fees. Provided you are selling or have turnover of more than the Standard Rate (check the Monthly Turnover columns above), you’ll qualify for a reduced Merchant Rate. However, it isn’t automatic - you must apply for the lower Merchant Rates - you need complete a one-time application. You’ll have to wait a month for the lower PayPal fee to apply, and only if your month PayPal income is above the Standard Rate threshold. Your actual PayPal discount rate varies according to each calendar month’s turnover.

Another option is to increase your S&H (shipping and handling) to partially or fully cover your PayPal fees. It’s a good idea to set aside a reserve of at least 5% of your turnover to cover PayPal fraud and the inevitable charge backs which can occur months or years later after a PayPal transaction. We recommend keeping sales and shipping documentation supporting PayPal acceptances for at least 36 months to combat PayPal chargebacks.

Other payment options

PayPal owes most of it’s success and market predominance to a key factor - the widespread failure of U.S.A. banks to adopt P2P so their regular customers could pay direct from their bank accounts to another’s bank account. Outside the U.S.A., direct bank-to-bank account transfers are the most common, fast, safe and economical method of acceptable payment options. Various national payments methods are available in most OECD countries including the United Kingdom and Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Scandinavia. Domestic bank transfers are often free in many of these countries making PayPal much less attractive since PayPal charge the recipient for all business transfers, and PayPal payments are never guaranteed nor fully traceable by recipients (compared to bank transfers).

Additionally free or low cost international payments are now widely available in the world’s largest single market via BIC + IBAN in EEA and EU member states. Finally, PayPal usually takes considerably longer for funds to be credited to the recipient’s bank account - between four and 14 business days - compared to direct bank account transfers which in many countries are frequently credited the same or following business day.

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