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A free eBay auction calculator

These intuitive and easy-to-use eBay fee calculators allow you to quickly and easily see what your total eBay and PayPal fees would be to sell an item on eBay. All include support for all of the different eBay listing formats and support all of the optional eBay listing upgrades as well (including Bold, Border, Buy-it-Now...). You can also use them to calculate your fees for eBay Fixed Price, Motors, eBay Stores, and eBay Real Estate. They also feature a PayPal Fee Calculator which you can use to calculate your PayPal fees using any of the available PayPal fee rates (including Standard or any Merchant rate). All eBay fee calculators are designed to operate with modern* web browsers installed on Windows, Mac OS, WebTV, Linux, and Unix computers. I welcome feedback, useful links to other auction user’s sites, and requests to add calculators for other internet auction sites.

International eBay auction calculators

Requests from international auction sellers flooded in asking us to create free eBay auction calculators for their local eBay auction sites. So my friends and I created free eBay auction calculators for the various international English-speaking markets including: eBay Canada, Overstock, eBay United Kingdom, eBay Ireland, eBay Australia, and Trademe New Zealand. We quickly followed up with localized versions for major European markets including: eBay Germany, eBay France, eBay Spain, eBay Belgium, eBay Netherlands, eBay Austria, eBay Switzerland, and eBay Italy. Free auction calculators for popular European auctions sites including Ricardo, QXL, Aucland, and more eBay sites including India, Sweden, Poland, New Zealand, and Philippines are now available.

International eBay auction tables

We have included several useful eBay fees charts comparing eBay auction fees between the different international eBay sites in both dollars and euros so auction sellers that ship worldwide can find the cheapest country to list their items since auction listing and sales fees vary quite markedly between the different international eBay auction websites.

Breakeven eBay Profit Calculator

All our free eBay auction calculators can determine optional PayPal fees, and each online eBay auction calculator features a useful Breakeven Calculator which calculates how much you will receive (also known as ‘net’) after all eBay auction commissions and charges are deducted. Check back soon for even more free auction fee calculators and online auction tools.

Emergency Auction Contact Telephone Numbers

Each eBay Auction Calculator and many eBay Fee Calculators include hard-to-find customer support and emergency contact phone numbers for that auction site so help is just a telephone call away.

* browser should be Javascript enabled and standard’s compliant. Auction fee calculators tested under Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista, Mac OS 9/X 10.0-10.5, popular Linux distros, and WebTV.