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Simple Solutions to eBay Problems

Easiest fixes to many common eBay technical problems include these:

1) Empty or Clear the cache of your web browser - usually under Preferences in MS Explorer, FireFox, Opera, etc...
2) Quit the browser, then restart it, and check if you can now load the problem eBay page(s),
3) As a last resort Delete or Clear your eBay cookies. (Often required after eBay has “enhanced” or “upgraded” an eBay section or feature i.e. made it more complex.) You will need to login to access the My eBay, Sell An Item, or personalized sections of eBay.

Additional Steps to fix eBay problems

Toggling Javascript On/Off may alleviate some problems with slow loading, partial loading or seemingly frozen eBay pages. Most of these problems are caused by incomplete loading of eBay’s shared javascript code libraries. You can often force such pages to completely load by selecting Reload (not Refresh) under your browser’s View menu; you may need to hold down the Alt key before choosing the menu item.

Check the eBay Technical Issues forum for any other eBay users with similar problems - you may find a solution, workaround, or (at least) confirmation that other eBay customer share your problem (and associated grief).

How to Contact eBay phone numbers

eBay customer service can be contacted toll-free using Skype; currently available in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Der Skype-basierte eBay-Kundenservice telefonnummer für Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz ist kostenlos.

Contact PayPal phone numbers

Important: Please contact us if any of these telephone numbers are no longer working, or you have any updated PayPal or eBay contact info so we can make it widely available. Both eBay and PayPal do not make it easy to contact their Customer Service by phone.

How to Contact Amazon phone numbers

  • US Amazon Sellers phone number toll-free: 1-877-251-0696; 24-hour/7-day

eBay account hijacking

If you receive a suspicious email supposedly from eBay, you can always verify whether it is legitimate by checking into your My eBay; it has copies of all eBay messages. Both eBay sellers and buyers are equally at risk of unauthorized account takeovers or eBay account hijacking, especially if they use weak passwords such as: password, secret, god, 1234, qwerty, sammy,, or any of the easily-cracked passwords frequently used. We strongly recommend that you never use a name or word that appears in any dictionary or book; they are trivial to crack.

You can report a stolen or compromised eBay account using these helpful links: eBay US, eBay Canada, eBay UK, eBay Australia, or via your local eBay site.

Securing eBay account passwords

Fortunately - unless you give out your eBay ID and password in reply to a “phishing” attempt, or download a keylogger virus or spyware - it is very nearly impossible for your account to be accessed by someone else. We recommend you use a strong password containing a random mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols e.g. X9pG@w%7Pt$ or &T2uF6;92Ns#d and change it every two to six months. Do not use the same password for different websites such as your email, online purchases and banking, otherwise if one account gets compromised then potentially they all can be. Sharing weak passwords between websites can lead to severe financial consequences for you. Remember this mantra - online security is only as strong as the weakest link.

Many browsers and Operating Systems (OS) include a useful feature - a Password Manager (Preferences>Site Passwords in Explorer) or Keychain that remembers your unique password for each website, so you don’t have to keep looking them up. Your passwords are encrypted and secured from unauthorized usage by a Master Password. Basically you only need remember your Master Password to access all your favourite websites that require logins. It’s always a good idea to print out a password list every six months as a backup, which you can hide in a favourite book, safety deposit box or closet, etc. This way, when your hard disk or computer eventually dies you’ll still be able to access your online accounts. We also recommend you backup all data on your hard drive every week or month.

Finally, unless you have sole access to your computer, resist the temptation to use the Remember Me or Keep Me Logged In feature of many websites. That is - unless you want your children’s or spouse’s friends (or really anyone with access to your computer) to use your eBay account for their bidding or selling. Fortunately most good OSs allow you to secure your computer from unauthorised access.

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