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Latest update: 25-Oct-2019

March 12, 2009: TradeMe New Zealand calculators updated for changed listing and success fees in several categories.

2008 updates

September 01, 2008: TradeMe New Zealand calculators revised for increased sales fees in several categories.

July 20, 2008: updated calculator to include newly-introduced non-refundable reserve fee in all categories. Previously it was only applicable to the Electronics and Photography categories. Removed the Travel, Accommodation and Travel Package advert categories.

March 15, 2008: calculator revised to include non-refundable reserve fee in Electronics and Photography categories. March 12: Updated with newly introduced Highlight feature and reduced optional feature fees for Media category items.

February 23, 2008: Updated eBay India with newly introduced Pro Pack and added more toll-free eBay support telephone numbers. calculator revised for latest increased fees courtesy of new owners, Fairfax. February 20: Updated calculators for latest fee changes. Revised the eBay U.S.A., eBay Canada, eBay United Kingdom, eBay Ireland and eBay Switzerland for latest North American, UK, Irish and Swiss eBay fee schedules effective 20 February 2008.

2007 updates

October 20, 2007: Updated calculators for Pay Now fees reduced from 3% plus 50c to 1.95%. October 17: Updated the eBay United Kingdom for revised eBay fee schedule in the Photography, and Toys and Games categories which are effective 23rd October until 31st December 2007. Also included support for Collectables and Media categories 5p gallery promotion, and free gallery in selected categories.

September 13, 2007: Added Jobs category to the calculator. August 26: Updated the eBay France, eBay Belgique and eBay Italia fee calculators for revised eBay fee changes effective August 28, 2007.

July 11, 2007: Added Pay Now feature to the calculators. July 7: Updated both the eBay United Kingdom, and eBay Ireland calculators for the latest Reserve fee changes.

June 19, 2007: Updated the calculator for fee changes effective immediately. Marginally reduced FVFs for Auction-style and Fixed Price listings on eBay U.S.A. and eBay Canada are in effect until August 5, 2007.

May 11, 2007: Updated the eBay France fee calculators for the latest listing fee changes and new features including Encadré, Pack options and Pack plus. May 7: calculator revised to reflect Real Estate fee increase from $99 to $149 effective immediately. March 22: eBay India fees are updated for latest fees schedule and category changes that take effect from 31 March 2007. Notably listing and final value fees are now payable in most categories, and the newly unveiled Media (Books, Magazines, Music, DVDs, Film & TV, Video Games) category still offers free listings offset by slightly higher closing fees.

February 25, 2007: Updated eBay Spain fee calculator for new Subasta and Precio Fijo listing fees and removal of Precio Mínimo auctions on Both the eBay United Kingdom, and eBay Ireland calculator were updated to include the new Media (Books, Music, DVDs, Film & TV, Video Games) and Technology (Mobile and Home Phones, Computing, Consumer Electronics and Photography) categories and new eBay policy of no longer refunding Reserve fees when an item sells.

January 29, 2007: TradeMe calculator adjusted for new rates. January 10: eBay U.S.A. and eBay Canada fee calculators now use the higher listing fees, Automotive reserve fees, and increased final value fees that take effect from 30 January 2007. eBay India fee calculators are updated for latest fees schedule and category changes. January 5: updated both eBay Germany and eBay Austria fee calculators to reflect eBay fee hikes that took effect from January 2007.

2006 updates

December 24, 2006: Our latest survey Comparison of European eBay Fees identifies the cheapest countries in the world's largest single market - the EU - for international eBay sellers to list their items on eBay. This latest survey revealed some surprises too! December 10: unveiled another Australian fee calculator for While updating our calculator for their new fees - we found them much cheaper than market leader especially now with free listings in such categories as Stamps and Coins.

November 18, 2006: added Paymate and PayPal support to and TradeMe calculators. November 17: added PayPal support to eBay Switzerland and eBay Switzerland. November 15: added Bulgaria and Mauritius to list of countries supporting IBAN transfers and included IBAN validation for funds transfers to those countries.

September 21, 2006: updated both the advanced Trade Me New Zealand and basic TradeMe calculator for increased success fees and revised Vehicle listing fees. September 6: revised calculator to reflect latest changes to fee structure. August 21: Updated all advanced eBay fee calculators to reflect increased eBay Stores fees from late August 2006. Complete list: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland.

June 18, 2006: Updated Trade Me New Zealand advanced calculator for increased Property and Auto listing fees (from 18 June 2006) and Vehicle sales fee. June 1: Major revamp to Trade Me New Zealand calculator for new options fees, new categories and revised Property listing fees (from June 2006). May 15: General site wide update for current auction and payment system fees. April 11: Unveiled Zillion fee calculator following many requests from NZ-based auction sellers. We are also working on a full review and comparison of NZ online auctions - so check back soon. Fixed minor problem with Trade Me Fee Calculators and added Breakeven feature to ensure profitable auctions. April 4: Minor updates to Trade Me New Zealand calculator for reduced optional fees, category changes and increased Vehicle listing fees (from 15 Feb 2006).

April 5, 2006: added more eBay PowerSeller hotline phone numbers - many thanks to those concerned! April 2: Swiss Ricardo calculator was updated to reflect new listing fees (from 24 Feb 2006). March 19: Updated our comprehensive list of eBay Phone Numbers to include Skype-based eBay Customer Service phone numbers in various countries. March 15: Several sections on SWIFT transfers and IBAN transfers have been expanded to include all countries currently offering free cross border transfers in Euros via BIC + IBAN under EU/EEA directive 2560/2001. Useful tools including a BIC/SWIFT bank code lookup tool and IBAN validator & decoder have been added to verify International Bank Account Numbers. March 9: Advanced eBay fee calculator for India was released; it handles all regular, Dutch, Fixed Price, Stores and Vehicles auction listings on

February 27, 2006: Advanced eBay fee calculator for Spain was released; it handles all regular, Dutch, Fixed Price, Stores and Vehicles auction listings on February 24: Updated advanced calculators for Italy, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, US, Canada and Australia to reflect simplified Stores fees and associated comparison charts (see: eBay Fees Dollar Zone). All include the latest changes to eBay seller’s fees from February 22, 2006. February 20: Advanced auction fee calculators for eBay Germany, Austria, and Switzerland were unveiled; each offer comprehensive support for Stores, Motor Vehicle, & Real Estate listing options. February 4: Reserve fees correctly applied when listed in two categories or multiple item (Dutch) auctions.

Released advanced Italian and French eBay fee calculators that adds support for Fixed Price, Stores, and Autos categories. Also the eBay US and Canadian auction fee calculators were upgraded to offer Stores, Motor Vehicle, & Real Estate listing options. Over the next few weeks Stores, Motor Vehicle, & Real Estate listing options will be integrated into our other eBay European calculators, and more eBay sites including Sweden, Poland, New Zealand, and Philippines are now available. We welcome feedback, links to other useful auction user’s sites, and requests to add other online auctions sites.

Wanted: a free auction fee calculator

Like many eBay sellers, we searched for a good free auction fee calculator, but found none that really worked or were truly “no strings attached”. So, with the help of some friends, we created our own free auction fee calculator from scratch that works with all flavors of Windows, Mac, WebTV, Linux, and *nix operating systems.

International eBay fee calculator

Requests started flooding in from international eBay sellers asking us to create free eBay fee calculators for their domestic eBay sites. So we built free eBay fee calculators for the various international English-speaking markets including: Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia.

We quickly followed up with localized versions for major European markets including: Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. Additional free auction calculators for such popular auctions sites as Ricardo, QXL, Aucland and Trademe New Zealand are also available with many more planned. Check back for even more free auction fee calculators and online auction tools.

International eBay fee tables

We have also included some handy eBay fees tables comparing eBay fees between the different international eBay sites so international eBay sellers can find the cheapest locale to list their items since fee structures vary quite markedly between various eBay sites.

PayPal Fees Calculator

Every eBay fee calculator includes a useful feature for online payments - an integrated PayPal Fees Calculator, so you how much you’ll actually receive after PayPal commissions are deducted. Each PayPal Fees Calculator handles all applicable rates for both domestic and international sales.

eBay Profit Calculator / Breakeven Calculator

All our free auction fee calculators feature a handy eBay Net Calculator that figures out how much you’ll actually receive after auction sales and final value fees are deducted i.e. the net amount. This handy tool also doubles as a Breakeven Calculator so you can determine at what sale price you’ll actually make money and start to turn a profit.

eBay Contact Telephone Numbers

Each eBay Fee Calculator and most of Auction Fee Calculators include local contact phone numbers making it easy to telephone or call for local customer support or emergency help. Both eBay and PayPal make it hard to find their phone numbers - so we’ve made it easy.