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PaisaPay India eBay Fee Calculator

Want to calculate eBay India Stores, Services, Vehicles, or Real Estate costs? - use our Advanced India eBay Fee Calculator. This basic Indian eBay Fee Calculator handles all standard eBay and PaisaPay fees. eBay India toll-free phone number: 1800 209 3229 (landline and mobile phones), 1800 22 0288 (MTNL / BSNL phones), 10.00 to 18.00 IST daily, PaisaPay toll-free phone number: 1800 22 0288 10.00 to 18.00 M - F. Note: insertion fees are charged for domestic listings on eBay India after March 2007; domestic auctions were previously free.
eBay Listing options International Rs 5.00 - 40.00
Buy It Now Rs 2.00
Listing Designer free
Scheduled Rs 1.00
10 Day Rs 2.00
Two categories: listing fee x2
Upgrade Visibility Gallery free
Gallery Plus Rs 2.00
Subtitle Rs 1.00
Bold Rs 7.00
Border Rs 7.00
Highlight Rs 29.00 Breakeven Calculator

Enter cost price and select any listing options to calculate breakeven
PaisaPay Fee
Picture Upgrades eBay Image Hosting:
Rs 2.00 each (photos 1-3 are free)
Preview Picture free
Picture Show free
Supersize Picture Rs 10.00
Picture Pack: Not Used
1-6 pictures Rs 12.00
7-12 pictures Rs 18.00
Promote Listing Featured Plus! Rs 69.00
Pro Pack Rs 129.00
Gallery Featured Rs 69.00
Home Page Featured Rs 179.00
two or more Rs 358.00
eBay India Listing Fees

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Aucland France | Overstock | | Ricardo Switzerland | | | fees in Indian Rupees (INR) based on standard auctions and include 10.3% Service Tax and Education Cess for residents of India. India-based sellers also have the option to list on in US dollars. eBay India formerly operated as eBay and PaisaPay fees current as of February 2011. You can report any problems with PaisaPay to the Indian Banking Ombudsman. This site is not endorsed, affiliated, or sponsored by eBay and PaisaPay in any way. If you find this Indian eBay auction fee calc useful - let us know to keep these helpful eBay fee calculators and eBay price comparisons updated to reflect current eBay auction listing fees. All trademarks and copyrights held by respective owners, and this xhtml & css compliant webpage is licensed under a Creative Commons License by Hokonui Software.