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Calcolatore automatico per le tariffe eBay e PayPal. This basic Italia eBay Fee Calculator handles all standard Italian eBay auction listings. Advanced Italy eBay Fee Calculator for Italy eBay regular, Dutch, Fixed Price, Stores, Autos and Vehicles auction listings is also available. Tell a friend about our free Auction Fee Calculator.
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Tariffe di eBay Italia

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Le tariffe di eBay.it in Euros (EUR) based on standard auctions and include 15% l'IVA for EU residents of Italy. Different tax rates may apply for residents of other EU countries or be tax exempt for businesses and non-residents. eBay and PayPal fees current as of February 2011. This site is not endorsed, affiliated, or sponsored by eBay or PayPal in any way. If you find this Italy eBay fee calc useful - let us know to keep these helpful eBay fee calculators and eBay price comparisons updated to reflect current eBay auction listing fees. All trademarks and copyrights held by respective owners, and this xhtml & css compliant webpage is licensed under a Creative Commons License by Hokonui Software.