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Zweryfikuj tożsamość, aby przystąpić do sprzedaży w witrynie eBay Polska. Domestic listing on eBay Poland are free. Wystarczy, że utworzysz konto sprzedającego i wystawisz swoje przedmioty w amerykańskiej witrynie eBay. This basic Polish eBay Fee Calculator handles standard eBay auctions and PayPal fees for Poland international listings. Advanced eBay Fee Calculator for Polska eBay Fixed Price, Stores, Vehicles, Industrial and Real Estate auctions, and Ad Format listings is also available. International eBay phone numbers: +1-888-749-3229 or +1-800-322-9266, Poland PayPal phone number: 00 353 1 436 9001 08:00 - 16:30 GMT Monday - Friday. Tell a friend about our free Polska eBay Fee Calculator.
eBay Listing options Listing Designer $0.10
Scheduled $0.10
10 Day $0.40
Two categories: listing fee x2
Upgrade Visibility Gift $0.25
Gallery free
Gallery Plus $0.35
Subtitle $0.50
Bold $1.00
Border $3.00
Highlight $5.00
Value Pack $0.65
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Picture Upgrades eBay Image Hosting:
$0.15 each (first is free)
Picture Show free
Supersize Picture $0.75
Picture Pack: Not Used
1-6 pictures $0.75
7-12 pictures $1.00
Promote Listing Featured Plus! $9.95 - 24.95
Gallery Featured $19.95
Pro Pack $19.95 - 34.95
Home Page Featured $39.95
two or more $79.95
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eBay Poland offers online trading in Polish with item prices listed in Polish zloty. Individuals and small businesses in Poland can list and sell goods and services on at no charge. fees for international listings are in United States Dollars (USD) based on standard auctions. eBay and PayPal fees current as of November 2007. This site is not endorsed, affiliated, or sponsored by eBay and PayPal in any way. If you find this Polska eBay auction fee calc useful - let us know to keep these helpful eBay fee calculators and eBay price comparisons updated to reflect current eBay auction listing fees. All trademarks and copyrights held by respective owners, and this xhtml & css compliant webpage is licensed under a Creative Commons License by Hokonui Software.