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Schweiz eBay Gebührenkalkulator Suisse eBay.ch

This basic Schweiz eBay Fee Calculator handles all standard Swiss eBay auctions. Calculateur des frais eBay Suisse. Advanced Swiss eBay.ch Fee Calculator for Switzerland eBay Fixed Price, Stores, Vehicles and Real Estate auctions is also available. Tell a friend about our free Swiss eBay Fee Calculator. Schweiz eBay telefonnummer.
eBay Zusatzoptionen Sofort-Kaufen 0,10 CHF
Angebotsvorlagen 0,15 CHF
Startzeitplanung 0,15 CHF
Zwei Kategorien: Angebotsgebühr x2
Aufsteigen-Sicht Untertitel 0,75 CHF
Rahmen 1,90 CHF
Fettschrift 1,50 CHF
Highlight 3,60 CHF
eBay.ch Gebühr Rückrechner

PayPal Gebühren/Frais International
Bilderservice Option eBay Bild-Bewirtung:
0,10 CHF jedes (erstes kostenlos)
Galeriebild 0,10 CHF
Galerie Plus 0,50 CHF
Bilderschau 0,35 CHF
XXL-Foto 1,40 CHF
Bilderpaket: Nicht Verwendet
1-6 bilder 1,80 CHF
7-12 bilder 2,20 CHF
Top-Angebot Kategorie und Suche 9,95 CHF
Galerie 14,50 CHF
eBay.ch Auflistung/Mettez


eBay.ch Gebühren/Frais

eBay Switzerland auction fee calculator, eBay.ch FVF calculator: free Swiss eBay auction tools.
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eBay.ch fees in Schweizer Franken (CHF) based on standard auctions and exclude 16% MwSt. for residents of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Different tax rates may apply for residents of EU countries or be tax exempt for businesses and non-residents. eBay Swiss fees current as of February 2011. Suisse eBay téléphone numéro, Schweiz eBay telefonnummer: 0900-46-32-29 (CHF 1,00/min); 9.00 - 20.00. Swiss eBay customer service calls via Skype are free. This site is not endorsed, affiliated, or sponsored by eBay in any way. If you find this Switzerland eBay fee calc useful - we happily accept donations to keep these helpful eBay fee calculators and eBay price comparisons updated to reflect current eBay auction listing fees. All trademarks and copyrights held by respective owners, and this xhtml & css compliant webpage is licensed under a Creative Commons License by Hokonui Software.