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TradeMe Fee Calculator New Zealand Auctions

This Advanced TradeMe Fee Calculator handles Vehicles, Real Estate, Livestock, Pets and Businesses auction listings plus Flatmates Wanted, Rental Property, Travel Accommodation and Packages adverts on and optional Pay Now, Paymate or PayPal fees. Relists are free until sold for Cars & Vehicles, Real Estate, Rental Property and Flatmates Wanted ads. Basic TradeMe Fee Calculator for standard Trade Me New Zealand listings is also available. Cars & Vehicles include: aircraft, boats, motorbikes, trucks, trailers, buses, caravans, motor homes, go karts, horse floats, tractors and forklifts. TradeMe phone number: 0900-87233 ($2.24/min.); available Monday - Sunday 08:00 - 24:00 (except public holidays). Tell a friend about our free Trade Me Seller Tools. Download Trade Me BidWatch v2.0 for Windows/MacOS.
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OneWay | Trade Any Thing | Trader Mania | Treasure Trove | Turners Auctions | WeBuy | Sella (was Zillion) fees are in NZD (New Zealand Dollars) and include 12.5% GST for NZ resident sellers. TradeMe auction fees current as of August 2010. This site is not endorsed, affiliated, or sponsored by PayPal, Paymate, TradeMe or Fairfax in any way. We appreciate your valuable feedback to keep these TradeMe fee calculator and price charts updated to reflect current auction listing fees. All trademarks and copyrights held by respective owners, and this xhtml & css compliant webpage is licensed under a Creative Commons License by Hokonui Software.